Thursday, January 13, 2011

Chicago Curiosities - More Pictures You Won't See in the Book!

Remember when you had to be good at math...
The minute I walked into Lincoln Square Bowling Alley I was catapulted back into the late 1960s. I was in high school. My two best friends and I wanted to study Russian, and the only way to do that was to have a special class with the teacher during his free period.

Unfortunately, we were scheduled to have P.E. -- which happened to be bowling -- during that period. The school graciously allowed us to attend the boys' bowling class. We formed one team to compete against the 2-person male teams. I think we were allowed to use our two highest scores or something like that.

The first game, I bowled a three. Yes. I knocked down three pins the entire game. My friend Nancy was using such a light-weight ball and throwing so daintily, she constantly needed to walk down the middle of the ball-return alley to retrieve her ball. We were amazing.

Honest Abe keeps watch over bowlers from on high.
Lincoln Square Bowling Alley reminded me of this because it still uses those old-time score sheets where you tally up everyone's score manually. Remember those? The place also has a decidedly retro look, thanks to the decor and lighting. And above the bank of neatly arranged pins there's a huge mural featuring Abraham Lincoln, gazing sternly upon the alleys as if warning bowlers not to try anything funny.

My entry about Lincoln Square Bowling Alley -- titled "A Trip Down Memory Lane(s) -- is on page 78-79 of Chicago Curiosities.


Chicago Curiosities is now LIVE and available through the usual book-buying channels. The book is intended to be a fun read and also to act as a somewhat quirky guidebook to the wide range of peculiarities one can find in Chicago. In order to write the book and provide photos for it, I traveled all around Chicago on several different occasions (with my husband as driver and navigator). I took many, many pictures for each subject. I'm sharing a few of those in this blog.
Publisher: Globe Pequot; First edition (January 11, 2011). ISBN-10: 0762759844. ISBN-13: 978-0762759842

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