Saturday, May 29, 2010

Further updates on Chicago Curiosities

The Chicago Curiosities manuscript is now with an editor who specializes in putting together books in the Globe Pequot Press "Curiosities" series. I should be seeing copyedits before too long, along with any questions or concerns about my photos.

To date, I have not experienced any particular traumas related to a copyeditor's notes or queries. With my nonfiction books, I am typically asked to clarify things, confirm information that is questioned by the copyeditor, or explain/correct apparent inconsistencies.

Having worked as a copyeditor myself, I almost always understand where the copyeditor is coming from and have no problem going along with changes.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Cubs Heaven?

The Chicago Curiosities manuscript is with my editor, who is making some decisions about Sidebars and Trivia items (as in, do I need more of either?)

She asked if I could write a Sidebar for the chapter on the Northwest section, so I went looking for something and found a really good one (so good, I wish I had known about it earlier, so I could take a picture and write a full entry).

Check it out at Beyond the Vines and Your Funeral Guy.

I understand that the Chicago location is the first of what will be many very special "skyboxes" for sports fans. Amazing.